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Gilders Paste Wax In 29 Colors #8657

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Gilders Paste
Price: $14.50

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Use GILDERS® paste wax for matching the finish on moldings, miter joints, nail holes or minor indentations is as easy as selecting a matching color and applying to the area with your finger. Dries to the touch in 30 – 60 minutes and after 12 hours will not shrink, stain, chip or peel and is ready to polish for a gilded appearance if desired.

GILDERS® paste wax is available in 29 pre-blended colors to include primary, secondary and metallic colors. This wide spectrum of color allows you to select pre-measured colors or mix to custom match an endless color palette. Use GILDERS® paste wax on metal, wood, ceramic applications, and more.

Each color can be applied using a soft cloth, finger, brush or other applicator to create attractive finishes and textures. GILDERS® paste wax can be dry brushed on or thinned out with paint thinner to extend paint, stain or wash effect.

Lightly polishing GILDERS® paste wax will produce a shiny or gilded metallic finish, ideal for restoration of existing gilded woodwork or to change an existing frame or molding to look new. If left unpolished the finish will be semi-gloss to matte depending on color selection.


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