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Here are some pictures and explanations of what goes on behind the scenes in our factory.

Steel delivery
This is what the steel looks like when we bring in raw material

press line number 1
This is the beginning set up of our number 1 press line.
The feeders and metal straighteners were installed after this photo was taken.
The four presses in the rear are 16 ton, the two in the front are 25 ton and the blue press is our high speed 25 ton press

high speed 25 ton press
Our fastest press can stamp up to 350 per minute. It uses a mechanical feeder. This press can really move.

die assembly station
This is where we assemble the dies. We have an EDM machine that is used to cut the inside shapes on the die.
Milling machines are used to cut the shapes of die inserts. The die above is for the 8773 back plate.
This die makes 2 corners at a time increasing the output of a slower press by 100%

8190 die in place
This die in action stamps out the 8190 Super Steel Hanger. The white liquid is a mix of water and soy oil used as a lubricant.
This soy based lubricant is biodegradable and environmentally safer than petroleum based oil that it replaces.
Oil is integral to producing metal stamping
Using an environmentally safe oil though more expensive than petrolium based oil is good for us all

pneumatic feeder
This image shows a pneumatic feeder that moves the correct length of steel with each stroke of the press.

tapped corner die in action
This image shows the results of  a die making tapped corners. The waste material is recycled after the process is completed.
By making two corners at a time we double the output of the press.

Here I am setting up to stamp 8774 snap hangers. July, 21, 2014

More to come!

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